Mold flow analysis

Mold flow analysis is an often overlooked but important step in the injection molding process.

 whenever a large number of parts are going to be produced, and then it is very important.

Let’s learn more about this process, and it can improve return on investment (ROI) for engineering companies and simplify consumer product development process.

What is Mold Flow Analysis?

Mold flow analysis (or MFA) uses software to make plastic flow simulations,

 allowing manufacturers to increase their mold design through flow analysis of injection mold and make a better product.

By conducting mold flow analysis, manufacturers can get a glimpse that the material they are using will fill a mold cavity, and spot potential problems.

Before the physical cutting starts, creating a virtual version with the mold’s mold flow analysis software allows you to make changes and save the production cost.

Benefits of using mold flow analysis include:

  • Optimized gate locations:
  • It allows you to solve the wall thickness issues.
  • MFA lets you fill the cavities in the molds with stability.
  • You can detect defects in design geometry, and avoid expensive tooling errors. If you need to make a case for your client to make design changes, then it gives you more support.
  • You will improve manufacturing efficiency, improve quality and efficiency and reduce time in the market.
  • Mold flow analysis lets you highlight visual defects such as air mesh, weld lines, and sync marks, and allows you to optimize the gate space.
  • Another major advantage is using the program to predict generalized molding parameters for efficient set-ups during the testing phase.

Why You Should Do The MOLD FLOW ANALYSIS ?

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