mold flow

“Mold Flow” formally known as C-mold.

It is developed by Autodesk which is widely used the software in Plastic industry.

It is used to check plastic behavior when molten plastic is injected into the mold with pressure and various defect before Tool manufacturing (anchor text).

Generally, there are two types of mold flow software:

  • Mold flow Part advisor
  • Mold flow insight

Mold flow Part advisor

It provides manufacturing guidance and directional feedback for part design and mold.

Mold flow insight

It provide the result of flow, cooling wrapage and sink marks etc. in the molding process.

With help of this advanced simulation software we can check various issues before manufacturing:-

  • Fill time
  • Flow of material
  • Cooling
  • Wrap
  • Runner balancing
  • Gate location
  • Gate dimensioning
  • Molding Window

We at “Integrated solutions” Before tooling our team use mold flow software to analyze the CAD model either generated at our end or provided by the customer.

With help of software, our engineer analyzes that mold is capable of producing the strongest uniform parts from each cavity.

Simulation software predicts how resin flows in mold and into cavities. It analyzes before manufacturing fill time, cooling time, cycle time and various defects.

Integrated Solutions uses Technology which helps us to save time cost before mold manufacturing if we use this process we came to know the problem before manufacturing which eliminates mold, again and again, mold trial time and cost.

Our main target is customer satisfaction, time commitment and Quality of product. For which we are here to serve you.

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Integrated Solutions” was established within the year 2014.

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