Product Design?

The ‘Product Design‘ is to create a new product and sale to the customer.

This is a generation of new ideas through the process of developing a new product.

 Design team Of Integrated Solutions always studies the way we use the product,

Keep adding product error, features and market analysis.

In a good product design, the cost comparison with an attractive beauty-looking, features, application and other product is low.

“Integrated Solutions” provide a good quality of products with our experienced team, with practical knowledge of manufacturing process, with the application of all standards and product.

Integrated Solutions” was established within the year 2014.

Headed underneath the mentorship of Mr. Rahul Chandel , the corporate has all the ingredients that create a company fortunate and commands the domain of pc motor-assisted style services.

We have a habit of timely delivery of the service as a result of client relationships area unit terribly important

Our creative and multi-talented engineering team produces excellent results under tight deadlines

We have latest technology fully automatic machines of International Brands.

INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS highly flexible company with open mindset which never hesitate to go beyond the stretch to cater different types of requirements of our customers.

We are open to invest, Expand and set up dedicated production lines for regular items to ensure smooth operation at customer end.

We have excellent facility and experience of producing high precise parts.

At  Integrated Solutions we have built our reputation by producing high quality, cost-effective solutions that routinely exceed our clients’ expectations.

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