The ‘Product Design‘ is to create a new product and sale to the customer.

This is a generation of new ideas through the process of developing a new product.

 Design team Of Integrated Solutions always studies the way we use the product,

Keep adding product error, features and market analysis.

In a good product design, the cost comparison with an attractive beauty-looking, features, application and other product is low.

“Integrated Solutions” provide a good quality of products with our experienced team, with practical knowledge of manufacturing process, with the application of all standards and product.

We use all the advanced technology to develop a product. 

 We are in the latest CAD / CAM software such as parts and product development.

Integrated Solutions have a team of trained and experienced designers.

To develop a product, our team first analyzes the strength and weakness of the product, studies the product research sheet of the product.

Later research paper we make a benchmark of the product.

Product benchmarking helps our team prepare better products than others.

While designing on CAD software, our team performs a complete analysis and while thinking about designing, considers all manufacturing, fitness and functional points

After designing a product on CAD software, we do a fast prototype of the product (anchor text) and then our team analyzes the product’s beauty, functional application and then finalizes it.

Then, we study the market reaction and we continuously improve our design for better and easier usage.

Our team has completed several projects of automobile areas, home appliances, switch gear companies etc.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, time commitment and product quality. For which we are here to serve you.

If you are looking for the best solutions for product design and development company that focuses on innovation and creative solutions for the client, then hope you will contact us.

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