CAD Design


1. What is CAD?

   According to the term CAD it stands for Computer Aided Designs and Computer Aided Drafting.

   before CAD engineers have to do all the drawings with their hands but after the introduction

   of CAD in Mechanical industry everything changed and become easier.

   CAD works in three ways

  A.  Drawing

  B.  Drafting

  C.  Design

 a. What is Drawing

      drawing is a rough sketch which gives some message or information about product

b. What is Drafting?

 drafting is a language of engineers with exact scaling, measurements , accuracy and with standards like

      ANSI: American national standard institute

      ISO : international standardization for organization

      ASEE: American society for electrical engineers & etc

c. What is Design

design is a complete Prototype with analysis and manufacturing in electrical and electronics designing means simulation or analysis

 2. What does mechanical engineer do in CAD?

    mechanical engineer do drafting and design and proto type testing ( analysis) operations in CAD.

3. Why to use CAD? & Advantages of CAD over manual drafting. 

Easy to draw – we don’t have to use our hand for manual drawing for hours

Less time consumption– obviously that’s why we use it

 Accuracy and precision – this is the point where everything changes . A man’s hand can do mistakes not a machine                                                or software that is the main part of CAD for which it is preferred

Quick access – we can store it digitally better than storing hand written drawings and data in a pile of files.

 Easier modification – second most important feature of CAD is that if there is a mistake in design found later still         you can fix it easily without getting mess in the previous data as compared to hand drawn sheets and over writing and over drawing

Good appearance in output – gives good visual before the actual manufacturing of the designed product

Storage facility – we all know we can store it in any storage devices like Pendrives , hard disk and cloud based storage more secure and space efficient.

Less prone to error – Here CAD software auto detect some of the errors and recommend user to correct it which is very time saving  specially when you are working a very big project or design

 Easy to share Accurate information – yes we can easily share out CAD designs online but with physical document they have to be couriered.


 Automotive Industry

Aerospace and Air craft Industry

Textile Industry

 Medical Industry

 Tool and die making Industry

 Die manufacturing  Industry

 Welding and cutting Industry

 Jigs and fixture manufacturing Industry  and etc

5. CAD Softwares used in Industries

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