Transfer die stamping is like a Progressive die, but the part is transfer from station to station by a mechanical transport system.

Mainly use where the part has to be free from the strip to allow it to be display in the free stage.

 A transfer die can arrange for a single death itself or a production line in a line of many die or machines.


Transfer stamping for the production of stamping is an excellent choice and often provides less tooling cost advantage.

A transfer press tool can itself be a dye or many die that are arrange in sequential stations.

It is use in situations where the part has to be free from the metal strip to allow it to be display in an independent state.

The transfer press process first starts with a strip of metal stack in the station where the component is cut from the empty bar.

The vacant is transfer mechanically by the transfer fingers, which completes the part through different formation stations.

All the parts are transfer at the same time to the next station.

transfer die stamping


Transfer presses are extremely versatile and many features such as pierce holes, chambering, cut-outs, ribs, knees and threading can be design in primary press operation, eliminating the need for additional costs involve in many secondary operations. Is done.


Transfer die stamping is more economical than progressive stamping.

It is also more versatile than progressive die stamping.

If your part has features like cut out, pierce holes, ribs, knees or threading, you can use transfer die stamping to work in regular press operation, so that you need a secondary operation at an additional cost do not be.


When you need to move between several presses to move large parts, such as shells, tube applications, frames, and structural components, you will use trans die to stamp.

You can die transfer to seal all the industries, where you find a progressive die stamp. All of this depends on the specific type of part you are stamping and your requirements are for that part.

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