why reverse engineering_

Here we are giving a case in which sometimes REVERSE ENGINEERING is the only option for engineering manufacturers: –

  • The original manufacturer of a product no longer manufactures a product
  • There is insufficient documentation of basic design

  • The original manufacturer no longer exists, but the customer needs the product

  • Original design documentation is lost or never existed
  • Some bad features of a product need to be out of the design. For example, excessive wear can indicate where any product should be improved

  • Strengthening the good characteristics of a product based on long-term use of the product

  • Analyze the good and bad characteristics of the competitors’ products
  • To explore new ways to improve product performance and features

  • Getting competitive benchmarking methods to understand competitive products and develop better products

  • The original CAD model is not enough to support modifications or current manufacturing methods

  • Main supplier is unable or reluctant to provide additional parts

  • The original equipment manufacturers are either reluctant or unable to supply replacement parts or demand the inflated costs for the sole-source parts.

  • To update obsolete material or antique construction processes with more current, less-expensive technologies

Reverse Engineering Principles

Many comprehensive principles govern the reverse engineering process.

Do not mistake the hypothesis for the conclusion.

The hypothesis comes from reverse engineering. Before reaching the firm conclusion, you should understand the application thoroughly.

Expect many interpretations.

There is no single answer to pursue engineering.

More information is available, fewer decisions should be different between reverse engineers.

Don't be disappointed with the estimated results.

It is worth a small amount of time to remove 80 percent of the meaning of the existing product.

You can use specific forward engineering techniques (such as interviews with knowledgeable users) to get the remaining 20 percent.

Many people find this lack of perfection uncomfortable because it is a model by pursuing engineering.

Look for a consistent style.

Products are usually designed using a consistent strategy, which includes consistent violations of good design practice.

You should be able to cut the underlying strategy.

Now you easily understand why sometimes REVERSE ENGINEERING is the only option.

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